This is my absolute favorite time of the year.  It’s starting to cool down, there is pumpkin flavored everything, and all is a little bit cozier.  We spent a lot of time this week with family because of General Conference weekend and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mid week I had a lunch date with my grandpa and cousins at Johnniebeefs.  My grandpa is obsessed with this place.  He says the hot dogs are authentic, just like the ones he had in Chicago in 1945.  Unfortunately, I opted out and got a chicken burger.  But they looked delicious!

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Salt Lake’s Best Chicago Dogs


For years I have loved springtime and baseball, almost as much as golf. And since I was introduced to "Chicago Dogs" a few years back, I love going to our Bees baseball games even more! A evening game at Spring Mobile Ballpark, home to our Salt Lake Bees triple A franchise, and home to one of the Best Tastes around, A Chicago...
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Top 8 Après Food Spots Close to the Cottonwoods


Trivial details like being located 1,400 miles away from the Windy City don’t stop Johnniebeefs from serving up Chicago-style hot dogs that are fully legitimate all the way down to the poppyseed bun. With over a dozen different tubesteak preparations (and a loaded veggie dog for the meatless crowd), this is a tough spot to beat for...
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Dining out: Johnniebeefs Chicago Style Hot Dogs


MIDVALE — Strange as it may seem, Johnniebeefs Chicago Style Hot Dogs is a homegrown Utah eatery.

This new Midvale restaurant aims to be a piece of real Chicago, right down to the pictures of Harry Caray, Ditka and da Bears, the 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox and, in the shop's nod to U...
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Johnniebeefs Chicago Style Hot Dogs

Who can forget the scene from the Christmas classic “A Christmas Story” when Ralph is helping the old man change the tire outside.  Ralph accidentally spills the lug nuts all over the street and drops and F-bomb in front of his dad.  Later on in the scene Ralph was talking about how his dad was an artist.  Read more



Chicago sports fans will love the photos of Wrigley Field, the White Sox and Michael Jordan’s “The Shot." Loyal customers drop by for the bodacious Chicago-style tubesteaks. At Johnniebeefs in Midvale, Chicago sports fans will love the photos of Wrigley Field, the White Sox and Michael Jordan’s “The Shot,” which...
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Authentic Chicago dogs find a home in Utah at Johnniebeefs


Once upon a time I found myself at a DMV in suburban Chicago. Yes, I know what a gripping premise that is, but bear with me.

While waiting on a friend and approaching four or five hours staring at the same wall, I recall nodding in recognition for the 200th time to the patrolling...
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As long as I can remember, my summers have been punctuated by outdoor cookouts—and this has usually meant sausages and hotdogs. As such, I’ve got a soft spot for a well-prepared dog, even if it isn’t coming straight from the grill. Having heard great things about a ...
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