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Food was ok, but portions are small. We paid over $4 for onion rings and they were nothing special and the order only had about 10 onion rings. The hot dog buns were my favorite part.

by Dezi B. on Blank Business Name

My husband I went here a few months ago and the owner is awesome. We'd love to sit down for a Chicago dog and a beer, anytime, with him.

He has a palethera of options to choose from which all sound amazing.

It's worth the try, for sure! Tell him Chris and Dezi say "Hi"! (He won't know what you're talking about lol)

Coming from Chicago and knowing Portillo's this was pretty darn close! Food was good a little overpriced. Felt like I was back home for a minute!

by Paul Plaizier on Blank Business Name
Won't find a better dog anywhere in the Western US

The food here is so good you'll be swept back to the windy city in just one succulent mouthful. If you like good authentic classic Chicago dog you'll find it here. If you are craving something bigger they have the mouthwatering "Italian Stallion" layers of perfectly seasoned beef that in my opinion is best served "wet" the sauce is outstanding you will be amazed I promise. I really cannot say anymore than to encourage you to come in and try the food. The owner is welcoming and passionate about the dogs he makes. If you like Hot Dogs this is the place for you!

by Dude P. on Blank Business Name

Jonniebeefs is definitely a 5-star classy place to enjoy your Chicago-style dog and sandwich, as well as Johnny himself is good peopke!! All of thes peta-trolls can kindly shut your pie holes. Meat is meant be eaten, and savored man. Ant to the moronic idiots who have the lack-of-class to suggest hot gogs should br cheap......... go right on ahead and swing by Costco so your Liberal-assed, penny pinchin, Subaru lovin, products of low class oppionated souls that are psd-off because your candidate lost in November. And thanx sweet Jesus she did!!!!! Just don't take it on the best damn hot dog maker this side of the Mississippi. Thanks Johnny we love you and we will always be back like we have every week for eight years running.

by Matt Tanner on Blank Business Name
Fun atmosphere and unique place

Came here today for the "Facebook special" and was not disappointed. Steaming hot chili with the little cheddar fish, crinkle fries and a loaded Chicago dog. Everything tasted great and was served hot and fast. It really hit the spot on a snowy day! The prices are perfect for how much food you get.Thanks! -Matt

The food is great and I'm from Chicago you gotta try it

by Erin Lane on Blank Business Name
Best Hot Dot place ever!

Everything about Johnniebeefs is the best. The quality is amazing and everything is so good. Chicago is my second home and this definitely makes me feel like I am back there. But another amazing thing about this place is the service and the people. You feel so welcomed when you come. Its great food with amazing people. Everyone should be trying this place.

by Brent S. on Blank Business Name
BEST Hotdog I ever had!

This is where you go to have that hotdog you have been dreaming about.

Follow the dogs

Johnnie Beefs has moved a couple of times, and I would follow them to the gates of hell. The dogs are amazing creations made with great ingredients and care.

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